Da Vinci Tibial Nail System

The AOS Da Vinci Tibial Nail System is intended to provide stabilization of various types of fractures, malunions and non-unions of the tibia.


The system includes 8, 9, 10 and 11mm nail diameters in lengths 27cm through 39cm in 1.5cm increments. The nail has a proximal bend of 10 degrees and a distal bend of 3 degrees.

Proximal locking includes two statically locked threaded holes and one slot that allows for fracture dynamization, apposition or compression. The proximal dynamic slot has been incorporated in the nail with an 8mm range of controlled compression.

Distal locking includes two M/L holes and one threaded A/P hole.

The system also provides two different diameter locking screws. The 5.0mm Captured Cortical Screws are for tibial nails 9mm – 11mm and the 8mm nail utilizes the 4.2mm Captured Cortical Screw. All cortical screws and end caps are self capturing to make insertion easier.


  • Comprehensive Instrumentation – Minimally invasive instrument design which allows for a smaller incision, enhanced soft tissue management, better containment of blood loss and improved access to the bone; all corresponding with consistent reproducible results.
  • Implant Trays – All implants are supplied in a sterilization tray. Never open the wrong box again!
  • Transverse, oblique, spiral, segmental and comminuted fractures.
  • Fractures with bone loss and bone transport.
  • Open and closed fractures, pathologic fractures.
  • Corrective osteotomies.
  • Pseudarthrosis of the tibial shaft.
  • Nonunions, malunions, metaphyseal and epiphyseal fractures.

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